Schools Online - Sandpit for Online Submission of Student Materials

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Welcome to the 'Sandpit' for Schools Online. The Sandpit is a place where you can practise submitting materials online. Using the sandpit, you will learn how to correctly name and format files for upload, and how to add Variation - Moderation Materials and Performance Standards Records for Moderation. Use the Sandpit as many times as you like, and please remember to leave feedback about your experience (there is a link at the bottom of each page). There are some other useful materials on our website, including training videos and FAQs, and a one page guide to using the sandpit for submitting materials.

  • Only Results Sheets and the new Online Submission functionality are enabled in the Sandpit. This means that some functionality may be limited.
  • For this exercise you will be logged-in as an anonymous test user. This means your feedback will be anonymous unless you provide your email address.
  • Changes you make in the Sandpit will disappear when you log out. This means the data you enter, or files you upload, will be stored securely and privately (unavailable to other users).
  • You can log in and out as often as you like - the sandpit resets itself each time so you start afresh.

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